April 15, 2015

A Cincinnati gallery and exhibition space that enables people with disabilities to show, sell, and promote their work. When touring the space and learning about what ABB does, viewing the artwork for the current exhibition, it was truly inspirational. All the works were courageous and powerful. One of my favorite pieces in the show was an organic sculpture created by t...

January 22, 2015


This weekend I went to visit my parents who live in Toledo. I grew up there, and had to find time to go to the TAM. I haven't been since highschool, and wanted to see some of my favorite pieces in the space and kind of do some studying of the pieces that I admired. Afterall, that was the first place where I fell in love with art. I remember being in front of Monet's a...

October 12, 2014

For my first blog post--I decided to write about an experience I had last weekend worth sharing. I  am a docent at the Cincinanati Contemporary Arts Center and get the chance to come close to the exhibitions that travel through the museum. Last weekend I volunteered to help artist Anne Lindberg with the install of her show. I got to meet her and her husband as the thre...

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Hello, here are some updates. I am excited to say, I will be attending Miami University's MFA program this Fall and couldn't be more thrilled! I will...

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4 May 2016

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