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Stretched and Framed

Over the weekend I stretched and framed two of the pieces I have been working on. I had a few goals when I started these pieces. 1. To work on different techniques with my paint application. I wanted to differ the mark making and combine quiet elements coupled with loud ones. I didn't necessarily want to give my narrative away, but hint at it. Which is why there are some representational elements. 2. I also wanted to create larger pieces in order to allow the paint to really show as well as give more space for me to work in. Most of the work I have been doing lately is larger than two feet. 3. I wanted to work on my woodworking skills in order for me to work on something from start to finish, without having to necessarily stop at the framing. Both of the pieces shown still linger on being finished, it is difficult sometimes to know when to stop.

The framed piece started out as a found, non stretched piece of canvas that I continue to work on before stretching it. I was playing around with the idea of leaving it unstretched but felt with the concept I have in mind, it wasn't necessarily complete in that state. I am still undecided how I feel about the frame. I think part of it is I have grown accustom to it's appearance pre-frame.

This second image, still has a way to go. I am stuck on this piece, and I don't know where to take it. We'll see where the next few weeks takes it.

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