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Thesis Work II

I started this group of paintings about a week and a half ago. I like how they really speak about the material, and are guiding my concepts and ideas behind the work-

they are in constant evolution. This work is titled Pez Boogie, and is not yet finished. Often times we find ourselves having to

be at multiple places at the same time, while we also reflect about the past and our childhood. I like the idea of blurry, fleeting imagery from dreams, where we may recognize something, but upon further inspection it isn’t recognizable.

This group of paintings are titled Upright Stain and Upright Stain II, respectively. Paint can reflect systems and nature just in the qualities of the material. The repetitive marks are calendar days and carpet fibers- each day being different and each fiber holding unique characteristics while being part of a whole unit. A stain spreads while at the same time soaking into the material it occupies and after time, it finds a resting space.

This painting was the impetus for the aformentioned works. I haven't had enough steam to quite finish yet.

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