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Revised Artist Statement

I am a contemporary painter. I paint with bold uses of color and thick applications of paint, built up from washes to brushstrokes, dabs and smears of paint. I love how one brushstroke can define so much and also tell a single story.

The way I work and layer paint, I am interested in how layers of images and baggage from contemporary culture are piled on women from how we are supposed to look and act, to the things we are supposed to achieve, to how we define our lives and what is meaningful, to the things we compromise for our families, and the goals we put off for another time. I am interested in female ageism and what it means to be a woman aging. The things our bodies go through, the way our skin looks, what happens to our brains, and the memories we have held on to. My works can read as abstract figurative landscapes or dreamscapes where often times we find ourselves having to be at multiple places at the same time, while we also reflect about the past and our childhood. I like the idea of blurry, fleeting imagery from dreams, where we may recognize something, but upon further inspection it isn’t recognizable.

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